Monday, September 19, 2005

Packing for a Night Snorkel (in Waters Unknown)

Off to the sea again – going for a snorkel tonight, sea conditions permitting.  I should be arriving at the coast around sunset, to explore a new cove (never laid eyes on it before, tried to find it with Google Earth, not sure I’ve identified it). There’ll be three swimmers – myself, Mr. S and Mr. T.  The other two have just been shopping for equipment, so there is gear to be tested.  We’re coming prepared – apart from wetsuits, masks, snorkels and fins, we are packing:

  • 6 x light sticks (chemically powered, glow brightly for hours)

  • 3 x dive-rated torches

  • 1 x ordinary torches (to be home-sealed in a plastic bag, nice big beam but the sea might kill it)

  • 90ft strong rope that floats (bought for the Iceland trip, but never used)

  • 1 x whistle

  • Elastics (for attaching light sticks firmly to our persons)

So… should be interesting, yes?  The rope (white, gorgeous, belongs in a marina somewhere) is mainly for caves, which we’ve heard  are there for the finding – might be a useful way to be certain of the route out of the caves if we need to exit in a hurry (can’t find air).   Why the light sticks?

  • They should help us stick together (where best to attach them?)

  • If a torch goes at an awkward moment, they might suffice as an emergency light

  • A good way to mark our entry point, so we can find our way out of the water again

  • Fish lure?

  • They look really, really cool

Unanswered questions: Exactly how safe is this?  Might we find the darkness and the deep a little too exciting?  Will the lights scare the fish – or attract just a little too much attention from certain species? Adventures to be had?  Oh yes…

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