Monday, February 27, 2006

Brokeback Mountain well worth a visit. Miss C and I went on Friday night. Miss C did not like it - she found it dull, think - but, reader, this is a good film, very romantic, albeit tragic. What particularly impressed me was it was very easy to forget that they were a gay couple. Both the leads were excellent. Brokeback mountain itself was a heart-achingly beautiful backdrop. I wonder where it is? Me and a few million other cinema-goers.

Finally: spare a thought for all the non-fictional lovers out there who find their love menaced by non-celluloid bigotry.

A picture is worth...

...about 8 minutes of my time. But I'm getting faster.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Domestic Interlude

We spent the weekend at home, but not at leisure, Getting Things Done. The seasons are changing – buds on trees, lengthening evenings and brighter mornings. Unseasonably warm sunshine flooded into kitchen through the glass door from the walled garden, throwing my work into sharp relief as I sat painting roses in pairs, crossed: metallic gold on red paper (frontispieces for wedding invitations). In front of the glass door leading into the walled garden, Miss C sat and practiced on her guitar. We took a break together, and circled the tiles in synchrony; sublime music, tangos and waltzes.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine’s Day

Dinner together at home; then, very sharply dressed in black and white relieved only by the ruby richness of Miss C’s necklace, we returned to The City. In the House of Poets, we heard a song for a madman played on a very strange guitar by a wiry old fellow with warm eyes, wild hair and fingers that moved in a blur upon the frets. His accompanist, on the piano, was a little younger but totally bald, with strange and piercing eyes. Then, we danced in subtle rhythms to an exotic beat. Fun.