Wednesday, April 12, 2006


It may be that I’ve been taking my work just a little too seriously – this morning, writing a note to Miss C, I found myself using scientific notation humorously.  Yes, I know…

In my defence, it has been a rather fraught week, professionally speaking: I need to solve a fairly significant accuracy “issue” which is holding up development on an interesting new Device (a secret Device, at least for now).  This is a very mathematical issue – my favourite kind – and I’ve had my teeth in it for a full week now (metaphorically speaking, but only just…).  

It has reached the point where my default mental state is to have my head full of geometric shapes and equations.  Walking, driving, eating – dreaming, now – it doesn’t stop.  I cannot put this problem down – or, possibly, vice versa.  Obsession has two faces: (temporarily) a mono-maniac, yes, but also doing my very best work.  It’s a fascinating condition to be in.    

I weighed in a kilo lighter this morning… down one trouser size over the last few weeks.   Coincidence?

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