Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Iceland - The End

Conclusion of the Icelandic Saga

Awoke at Lanmanalauger. These huts are in a sheltered valley with hot springs, grass, sheep and scenery galore. Unfortunately, we were a little caught for time – but we did manage a short walk, which took us to the view below (old lava fields, etc.).

Leaving the hills, we passed several lakes and rivers – this is a very scenic area, well worth visiting, and accessible (from the west) to ordinary cars. See this previous post for an extraordinary panorama over one such lake.

We were sorry to have to leave, but we had a fantastic holiday and saw as much as we could reasonably have hoped to manage in the time. Very likely we’ll do more holidays like this one (self-driving in a jeep through wilderness). Do I recommend it? Absolutely, but you’ll need fairly deep pockets to do everything that we did.

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