Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Time to pack

So, the big day is almost here - two nights left for packing before we fly out to Reykjavik.  Preparations have already begun, in the form of a weekend shopping expedition:

  • Wetsuit boots, pairs of, x 2, for fording rivers – glacier-fed rivers

  • 90ft strong and buoyant rope x 1, for safely fording rivers

  • Waterproof trousers x 1, for the rain

  • Space blanket x 1, for hypothermia – well, for not getting hypothermia

  • Ground rolls x 2, for sleeping comfortably in stony places

  • Sleeping bag x 1, for sleeping comfortably in temperatures down to 0C

  • Compass x 1, spare, for finding our way if the GPS unit is lost, broken

  • Whistles x 2, for finding each other / rescuers

  • Walking poles x 3, to complement the single working pole we still have from our visit to Chamonix

  • Garmin Etrek GPS unit x 1, lost, for not getting

  • Canon EOS Digital SLR x 1, for recording our adventures in 8 glorious megapixels per shot

  • 1GB Compact Flash cards x  2, to attempt to satisfy Miss C’s appetite for photography

Items we already own, but need to find before we leave – insect repellent, sunscreen, gloves, the other compasses, cutlery, shopping bags, waterproof bags, converters…

Currently, we’re planning to spend the first day in and around Reykjavik, then drive east quite some distance and camp near Svartifoss, a very beautiful waterfall.  After that, we’ll try to go ice-climbing or skidooing on a very substantial icecap, then visit a lake full of icebergs.  Next, it’ll probably be time to head north, possibly traverse a sub-arctic desert, before visiting volcanoes, hot springs and so on.  Fjords surrounded by snowy peaks may also be seen.  I’m hoping that we’ll be able to get accommodation indoors, but we are coming prepared to camp out if need be.

The one big snag: at the moment, the weather forecast looks miserable.  Here’s hoping the desert lives up to its title.

A question for the general public, should it happen to visit: can you recommend an internet caf√© in Akureyri where one might backup one’s photos on CD?

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