Thursday, July 28, 2005

Turn up the volume

Why are we here? I’ve been re-reading my old blog postings, and decided I need to tighten up my focus and my writing. Let’s begin by redefining why you might want to read this blog:

“After a night at fight club, everything in the real world gets the volume turned down.”

Most days are Ground-hog day. Every day, the same flight roars over my car on its way to land. Every day, I buy the same newspaper from the same bored shop assistant. Every day, my friends sit down to watch the same soaps, where the same actors take turns at the same old games of love triangle. If anybody should trail me, a week or two of observation would allow them to predict the rest of my year pretty accurately.

A certain amount of routine is inevitable, in the life of a working man. However, even in leisure, falling into a rut is so easy. The fact is, we tend to reduce ourselves to mere spectators - very easy to do, when there is so much spectacle about - TV, the cinema, books and magazines. Here's the thing: I have had a taste or two of adventure, and I want more. Just like the quote says, real experience seems to dampen the vicarious pleasures of the media. So, I don't want to spend my life in the audience - I want to get my turn on the stage, metaphorically speaking. I'm making a conscious effort to avoid passivity, to seek out new experiences, new activities and new adventures, to boldly go... somewhere fun. As part of my fun/adventure seeking efforts, I'm going to record the results on this blog, staying, so far as possible, on-topic - fun/adventure.

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